My name is Chenwei Xu (Wei), and I'm a multi-talented designer based in Los Angeles, California. 
I've worked in the creative industry for four years. My first one year was as a design intern at VMLY&R, teaching me how the agency's clients, structure, design language and creative strategy worked. I took my grad program at the MFA Design Entrepreneur Program, School of Visual Arts in New York for the next two years. After graduation in 2020, I took on a designer role at Gooroo for one and a half years and Matric Design Studio for another six months. These years, I freelance my way around the world, working with awesome clients. In late 2021, I moved to sunny LA. 
Below is my Reel, a quick impression and a compilation of work I've created over the past four years. Music: Baby Baby by Tropkillaz. 

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